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 The Adventures of Team FlameSquad

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PostSubject: The Adventures of Team FlameSquad   The Adventures of Team FlameSquad I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 28, 2009 11:26 pm

As this is a completed fanfic, I will post the whole story, in segments so its not just one long post. The segments will be four chapters long each, cept this first one with its inclusion of the Prologue. Feel free to comment on the story at any time. Once all the chapters are up, please, feel free to use this thread as a discussion about the story.

After having defeated Rayquaza, the Sky Tower began to tremble. Jesse was as confused as Cory was.
“Earthquake? In the clouds?” asked Cory.
“These tremors are not natural for this place,” said Rayquaza.
“That’s it! Rayquaza, look up!” exclaimed Cory in a rush.
Upon looking up, Rayquaza sees a huge meteor heading straight for Earth. While Rayquaza is looking at the meteor, Cory adds, “We came up here to ask your help! We need you to destroy that meteor before it hits Earth.”
“I see. But there is one thing I must know first. The meteor has come too close, we may be swallowed by the explosion if I loose my Hyper Beam now. Will you still take that risk?”
“Of course, we accepted that from the start!” Jesse nodded along side his Pikachu companion.
“Well said.”
At that, Rayquaza loosed his Hyper Beam and destroyed the meteor, saving the Earth. Cory and Jesse were blasted back toward Earth. When they awoke a few days later, they were on the Hill of the Ancients, battered but alive.

Chapter 1
Deep in a remote forest lies the base for Team FlameSquad. No one knows where, but everyone knows of the heroic deeds they do. Every morning, their leader, Jesse the Charizard, comes to town to pick up any rescue requests they may have on the bulletin board. He overall appearance is that of a regular Charizard, except along his face and neck he has the scars of past battles.
This morning however was different. Jesse came into town with his close and personal friend, Michael the Alakazam. Michael was a usual Alakazam aside from his white torso. They both went and looked at the bulletin board. They were whispering to themselves, no one nearby could even make out words of what they said, and then they both turned and faced the town’s pokemon.
"Today marks the day we set out on a journey to explore new territory," said Michael, "We will not be back for some time, but I feel the other rescue teams can pick up from where we left off."
"But what if its too challenging for us?" said Pat, the Lotad leader of a local rescue team.
"Then pull together with all the other rescue teams and try to make a squad that can do it," said Jesse.
Thus Jesse and Michael left the town. Under his breath, Jesse said, "Are you sure we are doing this right?"
"If we do all the rescues all the time, we may eventually become overrun with missions. Let the others build up their courage for a while, this may be fun for us."
When they had got to their base, all their team members had gathered, some to say farewell, others to ask if they could come along.
"None shall come with us, we will do this alone," said Michael, "This is for the best, you guys may need to help the other rescue teams if they need it."
"We'll do our best," said Baxter the Scyther, "But even we alone may not be enough."
"Don't lose courage, my black-backed friend, courage gives us strength, and with strength you will succeed," replied Michael.
After the rest of the farewells, Michael and Jesse left for an adventure. The others stayed obediently, except for one. Using his knowledge of stealth, Baxter followed them.
Two days later, Jesse and Michael made camp at the base of Mt. Blaze, about fifty miles from town. Jesse had started to make soup from the roots and plants they had gathered from the forest. When he was done, he poured it into two bowls and handed one to Michael.
"So, the plan is to head to Mt. Freeze from here and from there find any other possible dungeons between it and Buried Relic, eh?" said Jesse.
"Correct," replied Michael, "Hard to believe that three years ago, a pokemon had to climb Mt. Freeze to get some answers and to clear his name."
"Yeah, but that story nowadays is usually just a rumor around town," said Jesse, "and the only reason we know its true is because I was that very Charmander that climbed up the mountain. In fact, it was not too long after Cory and I asked Rayquaza to save the world when we met you."
"Ah yes, Cory, how is that old green-tailed Pikachu doing?" asked Michael.
"Last I heard of him, he was heading to the Three Fields to try and make a town in the middle"
"Would you like to see him again?"
"Eventually, yes, but for now let's just concentrate on our adventure shall we."
"Right, after we're done going from Mt. Freeze to Buried Relic, we'll make for the west coast, surely somebody will ferry us to the Three Fields, as I too wish to see how he is doing."
"Who knows, he's probably a green-tailed Raichu by now." The two friends began to laugh.
"Well, I'm sure either way he'd like to see the two of us," said Jesse.
"I'm afraid it’s going to be more then you and me," said Michael.
"What! You mean we're being followed. By who and since when?"
"I sensed him yesterday. It's Baxter, and I assume he's been following us since we left the base. He doesn't realize he can’t hide from my psychic powers, no matter how stealthy he is."
"Should we go get him?"
"No. We shall let him know of this when we get ready to leave for the Three Fields. For now, let him follow us"

Meanwhile, Baxter had just hidden behind a rock nearby where Jesse and Michael camped. It's about time they stopped to rest, he thought to himself, they've been walking for nearly half a day. No matter, I will just follow them until I know where they are going. He smiled. "As long as I'm stealthy," he said silently, "They wont know they're being followed."
Suddenly, a pair of ghostly hands gripped his mouth shut, and a harsh rasping voice said, "Stealthy is not you, for a simple Haunter can sneak up and capture you." The pokemon hauled Baxter away.

Chapter 2
Jesse and Michael reached the entrance to Murky Cave.
"They're already inside, come let's go," said Michael.
As the walked in, everything was silent. Too silent in here, thought Jesse. Then something moved. Neither Jesse nor Michael got a glimpse of it. Jesse nodded in the direction of the movement. Michael understood. Using his psychic ability, he created a wall on the other side of the creature. It tried to push through the wall, but did not succeed.
"Hold on, don't attack me," said the creature. Jesse went to see who it was. He saw a Butterfree, he instantly recognized it as the red-winged one he had rescued the baby Caterpie for in Tiny Woods.
"What happened," he asked.
"A Haunter came in this cave with a Scyther in its hands, and my baby Caterpie went after it," said the Butterfree.
"We'll find that Haunter, you best get out of this cave while you can," said Michael. The Butterfree did as it was bidden.
"Well now we have to rescue Baxter and Caterpie," said Jesse, but Michael had already began to move.
"Come on, I sense Caterpie this way," he said. Jesse followed.

When they had reached the room where Baxter and Caterpie were being held captive, they were amazed with what they saw. Fifteen Haunters gathered around what looked like a boiling pot; Baxter and Caterpie were tied up in the far corner of the room.
The lead Haunter began to speak. "Today is the day we fulfill an ancient legend. The legend that states that if a ghost pokemon eats one who has flesh, we will get flesh of our own." All the Haunter's in the room roared their approval.
"Let the Ghostly Flesh ceremony begin," said the leader. Four Haunters began to move Baxter and Caterpie toward the boiling pot. Jesse took his chance, throwing a Stick and catching one of them square in the head. All the other Haunters turned toward him.
"Look, its a psychic pokemon," said one of them.
"A psychic pokemon? Oh no, the legend says if a psychic appears the ceremony will be put to an end," said another.
"Fools! Defeat them! We far outnumber their tiny squad!" exclaimed the leader. At this the remaining fourteen Haunters attack Jesse and Michael.
Jesse used his Heat Wave move to wipe some of them out. Five remained, the leader included. Michael used his Psywave to defeat another. Two of the remaining headed toward Jesse while the leader and the other Haunter went after Michael. The leader tried to hit Michael with a Shadow Punch, but he missed and hit the other Haunter. One of the remaining two used Night Shade on Jesse. Jesse counterattacked with another Heat Wave, this time defeating all but the leader. Michael finished him off with his Psychic move.
Jesse went to untie Caterpie and Baxter. When they were free, all four left the cave.
"Thank you," said the Butterfree. Along with her Caterpie, she left for town.
"How'd you guys know where we were at?" asked Baxter.
"For one, I sensed you yesterday following us, and when I had sensed you were captured we came to rescue you," said Michael.
"Sorry, I just wanted to go with you guys to see where you were going," said Baxter, ashamed.
"Means you're here, you might as well come with us, but stay close and learn to watch your back," said Jesse.
"So you’re not going to punish me?" asked Baxter.
"Yes, we are, your on first watch tonight when we get ready for bed," said Michael. Afterward, the three of them headed back for the camp.

Chapter 3
The next day they reach Mt. Freeze. Baxter stares up to the peak in amazement.
"How high is it?" he asked.
"About thirteen stories," replied Jesse.
"Wow. So when are we going to start on our way to Buried Relic?"
"Tomorrow," answered Michael, "It'd be much too cold here to stay any longer."
"Nonsense, it's actually warm here," said Jesse.
"That because your sitting on your tail tip." Baxter and Michael began to laugh.
"Why don't you share some of that fire?" Jesse gets up and moves his tail in the middle of the three.
"Ah, that's better," said Baxter.
Then, they hear a rock roll down the mountain, and instantly become alert.
"Whose there, show yourself," said Jesse. This time a rock flies down from the mountain toward Jesse, but he catches it with ease, and breaks it with his bare hand. Suddenly, a huge volley of rocks begin to be thrown one them, several hitting their targets, others missing by a hair. Michael puts up his hands, and the rocks stop in mid-air above their heads. They fall as he puts his hands down.
"Enough, who is up there," said Michael angrily.
This time ten Gravelers roll themselves down the mountain, stopping just in front of Michael.
"We are the Gravel Band, the most notorious band of outcasts in these here parts, and who my I ask are you guys, eh? Probably a group of lost travelers," said their leader, a light brown colored Graveler.
"We are the famous Team FlameSquad," said Jesse.
"Then it will be our pleasure to be the only outlaws to defeat you," replied the leader.
All ten Gravelers pounce on their targets, hitting with all four arms. Jesse manages the strength to throw all of the ones on him away, knocking some off of Baxter. Michael, using his psychic power, uses the rest of the ones on him to knock off the rest on Baxter. In a jumbled pile, the Gravelers try to get up, some unconscious from hitting their allies. The leader gets up of the pile, and throws himself on Jesse's arm. With a mighty blow, Jesse literally hits the leader's face in. With an agonizing cry, the leader falls down to the ground. The other Gravelers get up and run up the mountain, to no avail. Their bodies were too heavy, and they just rolled back down the mountain. Jesse picks up the leader and, rolling him on the ground, bowls the others away.
"Better yet," said Michael, "Let's leave now."

Chapter 4
Night. While the other two sleep, Baxter is on watch.
It's a bit windy here, he thought, hard to tell if there is someone or not. Trying not to drift, but its almost dawn and I haven't a minute of sleep. Should I wake one of them up...no they need sleep more then I do. Still, it's a pretty quiet night. Maybe a second of two of sleep, that's it...no I should stay awake until dawn. Grass rustles nearby. Baxter goes to check where the sound came from.
Thunk. A rock hits him in the back of the head, knocking him unconscious.
"We should take this one away," a voice says, "He will be most welcome in our den, ha-ha."
Jesse and Michael hear the laugh and wake up instantly. They see a Pinsir looming over Baxter, but before they can react, he vanishes with Baxter.
"Where'd he go?" asked Jesse.
"I do not know, and for some reason I do not sense either of them," replied Michael.
"Maybe we can pick up a trail." Jesse goes to check where the Pinsir was at, but there wasn't even a footprint there.
"Should we go back to town and request all team to spread out and search?" asked Jesse. Michael holds up his hand, as if listening for something.
"I've found them, the Pinsir is taking Baxter toward the Buried Relic," he said. At that both of them pack up camp and hastily move toward the Buried Relic. When they got there, however, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel blocked the entrance.
"NONE SHALL PASS WITHOUT GOING THROUGH US FIRST," all three said at the same time, each with a seemingly mechanical voice. Regirock was the first to make his move, closing in on Jesse, he let a punch fly, but he missed. Reacting quickly, Regirock used his other arm to deal a powerful blow to Jesse's chin. Jesse fell back a bit, but quickly counterattack. Regice let fly an Icy Wind attack toward Michael. He dodges the attack, but it hit Jesse. Jesse had become encased in ice. Registeel, with his mighty steel hands, hit Michael in the back of the head, making him unconscious.
"WHAT SHOULD WE DO WITH THEM?" asked Regirock.
"PUSH THEM INTO THE OCEAN, LET THEM FLOAT FAR FROM HERE," replied Regice. Between the three of them, they threw Jesse and Michael into the ocean.

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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Team FlameSquad   The Adventures of Team FlameSquad I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 28, 2009 11:31 pm

Chapter 5
"...Uh, oh my aching head," said Michael as he regained consciousness. He looked around, trying and farther in, a volcano. He also saw that Jesse was still encased in ice. Getting up, he moved over to where Jesse lay.
"...Brr...Cold...fur...soaked...so cold, brr," said Jesse.
"Jesse do you hear me?"
"...Yes..." Jesse replied.
"Good, you need to save your energy, your still enclosed in the ice."
"Fire, what fire?"
"It's encased in the ice as well, I can't tell if it's still burning or not."
"Well, I guess I showed up at the right time then," said a voice from behind Michael. He turned to look at the speaker. It was a Typhlosion, followed by a Dodrio. "Stand back, I'm going to melt the ice so we can get him out of there," said the Typhlosion. By this time, Michael had noticed that this Typhlosion had a black stripe down the middle of his back. It wasn't long before Jesse was free of the ice.
"Pandre, go and tell Blissey we have a pokemon coming in," said the Typhlosion. The Dodrio raced off.
"Thank you, how can we repay this," asked Michael.
"No need to, just tell me where you’re from? I don't recognize either of you two. By the way, the name's Jak."
"We must have been thrown into the ocean at Buried Relic..."
"Whoa, stop right there. Buried Relic, where's that at?" asked Jak.
"You mean you don't know of Buried Relic? Do you at least know where the mainland is from here?"
"Oh, the mainland? It's off west of here. A Lapras could make the trip to there in a day. Is that where you guys came from?"
"Yes." Between the two of them, they hauled Jesse to town. Once he was with Blissey, Michael questioned Jak about the apparent island they were on.
"This place is called Eruption Isle, and the closest piece of land nearby is the mainland. I would get a Lapras to ferry you back over, but for some odd reason all the Lapras' that did they ferries disappeared a couple weeks ago. We've been trying to get help in finding them, but with out the Lapras the only way we can contact the mainland is Pelipper, and he hardly comes through here."
"Once my friend is better, will we help search for the Lapras'. Jak you’re talking to the famous Team FlameSquad." At this, Jak's expression turn surprised.
"Wha...you mean you guys are...oh wow I just rescued the Team FlameSquad's leader," said Jak, "Well, please stay as long as you guys like. Also, could I join you guys and help you get to where you’re headed?"
"Of course, we could use all the help right now."
"What do you mean?" Bit by bit, Michael explained everything to Jak, starting with why they left, and ending with what happened at Buried Relic.
"I see. Well as soon as we find the Lapras, we'll get Baxter back safe and sound, but for now rest, you'll probably need the sleep.

Chapter 6
Baxter was beginning to wake up. For reasons unknown to him, his body had become bruised and dusty. Then he felt the chains around his scythes. He looked up, and came face to face with a Pinsir.
"Welcome, Scyther, get to know this place, soon it will become your tomb," said the Pinsir with a laugh.
"You will be lucky to see the day I die, Pinsir," said Baxter.
"Ah, a mouthy little one, all the better we put you to work sooner then," replied the Pinsir.
"Work? What work?" asked Baxter.
"For years, I and my Pinsir gang have been taking Scyther hostage and using them as slaves. Why has no one reported this you ask? Because the ones that try and fight back get themselves killed, and the ones that try to run get hunted," replied the Pinsir, "You are our latest slave, but keep mouthing off like that, and I'll see to it personally that your death will be a slow and agonizing one."
Baxter remained silent as two Pinsir guards unchained him and escorted him to the slave complex. When they had left, he began trying to figure out how to get out of there.
For right now, he thought, best not to fight them until I know what I'm up against. Why haven't Jesse and Michael come to try and rescue me yet? No matter, if push comes to shove, I'll hold them as long as I can. But what did that Pinsir mean that runners were hunted down? All the Pinsirs I've seen so far seem to be either too heavy or too lazy to run.
His thoughts were interrupted when a Pinsir threw him a pickaxe.
"Get to work, you lazy slob. If you want to have your own room, you'll have to dig it out yourself. It'll be good training for the slave work you'll have to do when you’re done," said the Pinsir. Baxter made as if to sneer at him, but held back.
"That's a good Scyther slave, doing as your told."
Then it hit him. Surely there's more Scythers then Pinsirs here, he thought, if I can band them together, we may be able to free ourselves.
What he saw next curled his stomach. A pair of Houndooms sat nearby a dead Scyther, blood dripping from their jaws.
"Move it, or these Houndoom will come after you next," said the Pinsir watching the Houndoom, "You see I'm their keeper, they listen to me and the other Pinsirs alone and have been trained to hunt you Scythers. So move it."
After that, Baxter's thoughts of freedom abandoned him.

Chapter 7
After Jesse had fully recovered and Blissey released him, the trio met on the beach.
"Do you remember anything about the day the Lapras disappeared?" asked Michael.
"I remember it was foggy along the beach that day, that's about it," replied Jak.
"Was it cold the day before?"
"A Fire-type pokemon isn't the best to ask that question to," said Blissey, "To them everything is warm, but no, the day before the Lapras disappeared was one of the warmest days we have each year."
"Did the volcano perhaps erupt around that time then?" asked Jesse.
"Good heavens, no, that volcano has been inactive for about fifty years."
Then Michael stood up. "We better go then," he said, "I have an idea where the Lapras are at."
Later that day, they stood at the base of the volcano. Jesse put his arms around his friends, saying, "Hold on tight."
With the awesome might of his wings, they began to soar to the mouth of the volcano.
"Tell me again why we are going up here," asked Jak.
"Simple, if it wasn't cold that day and this volcano hasn't erupted, then nothing should have caused that fog. We are going into the volcano to check things out," replied Michael.
When they had reached the top, what they saw baffled them. Fire, Steel, and Electric-type pokemon were working together, building machines. The steel types brought the metal needed, the fire types welded everything together, and the electric types were working with wires and programming the machines. They also noticed varying assortments of guards patrolling the entire area.
"Perhaps you two should go alone," said Michael, "You will blend into them means you’re both fire types. Jesse leave your mind opened so I may advise you with the use of my mind, like we usually do in high alarm areas." Jesse nodded. "Alright, head down there, tell the guard that stops you that you’re new recruits for the boss."
Slowly, the pair made their way into the crater of the volcano. An Electabuzz stopped them when they were at the bottom.
"Who are you guys, and what’s your business here?" the guard asked.
"We're new recruits for the boss, sir," said Jesse.
"He never mentioned new recruits, no matter you two look like the type he hires anyway. Head though that cave over there, it'll take you down to the bosses office, about thirteen floors down."
The two went though the cave and began their decent. Thirteen floors down, said Michael in Jesse's head, they've been here longer then I thought, keep up the act until you find the Lapras. They did.
At about the tenth floor down, they saw the Lapras, being tortured by a group of Manectrics. Jesse made as if to charge in there and rescue them when he was stopped.
"I thought there was something odd when my surface officer called down and said there were recruits coming in, turns out I was right." said the voice from behind him, obviously the boss. Jesse turned to look at him, a Rhydon of huge proportions. Both Jesse and Jak ran for the Lapras', hoping they could save them and hold out in that room.
"Guards, raise the alarms, we have intruders," said the Rhydon.

Chapter 8
Baxter had finished his room, and now was working with the other Scythers, digging into a mineral mine, harvesting resources so that the Pinsirs could build themselves sturdier homes instead of living in trees, as far as he knew. The Pinsir that was on duty in his area was harshly strict. Using his whip, if he did not like what a Scyther was doing, he'd put a fresh mark on their backs.
"You there, your not swinging that pickaxe high enough," he said, followed by the crack of the whip and the scream of a Scyther. Baxter squirmed.
"First time hearing that, eh? Don't worry you'll get used to it after awhile, we all have," whispered the Scyther to his right.
"Hey, quit talking and get back to work," demanded the Pinsir. They both hurried though the next few swings, hoping he'd look away.
"Name's Rick. What's yours?" asked his neighboring Scyther.
“Baxter, not that it matters to those Pinsir, however."
"I said quit talking." This time the whip hit Rick.
"Oh, that opened that wound back up," groaned Rick with pain.
"Shut up, you lazy vermin, or I'll shut your trap for you." Again they both hurried though the next few swings.
"I don't want to put you in more pain then you’re in,” whispered Baxter.
"Don't worry, I'll be fine, I've gotten used to it," replied Rick.
This time the whip wrapped around Rick's neck, strangling him as it tightened. Using one of his scythes, Baxter sliced though the whip, freeing his friend.
"Why you little son of an Aron, your about to get the whipping of your life right now," said the Pinsir.
Before the Pinsir could swing his whip, Baxter lunged at him, trapping his head between his scythes and the ground. Then he saw the Houndooms running toward him. Quickly slashing out with his scythes, he clipped one in the front left leg, while the other bit his arm he used to slash with. Using the flat of his other scythe, he hit the Houndoom over the head. It gave a yelp as it let go, but recovered fast and prepared it's Flamethrower attack. Using his wings, Baxter dodged the attack by flying out of range, then swooping down and dealing a fatal cut to the Houndooms neck. The other Pinsirs started swarming in, trying to surround his every escape. They closed in, the pincers on their heads ready to attack. Then the leader showed up, and at this point Baxter notices he was a good head taller then the other Pinsirs.
"Enough fighting, return to your posts, I'll deal with this one," he said. The other Pinsirs nodded.
Grabbing Baxter by the wound on his arm, he squeezed tight as he dragged him to a lonely corner.
"You are the first of your kind to fight the Houndoom, much less defeat one, and even lesser live to fight the other. I'm prepared to make a deal with you," he said.
"I will not bargain with you, even if it's for my life. I'd rather die then help you," replied Baxter with a snarl.
"You have a fighters spirit in your eye, I can see it, but I want to know how it got there?" said the Pinsir.
"I am a member of Team FlameSquad, and as soon as the others track me here they will defeat you," said Baxter. Then the Regis came up to the Pinsir.
"SIR, WE'D LIKE TO REPORT THAT WE DEFEATED AN ALAKAZAM AND A CHARIZARD YESTERDAY," they said in their mechanized voices, "AFTERWARD, WE THREW THEM INTO THE OCEAN." Baxter's heart had sunk upon hearing those words.
"Are those your team friends, well I guess nobody will rescue you now," said the Pinsir with a laugh.

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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Team FlameSquad   The Adventures of Team FlameSquad I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 28, 2009 11:32 pm

Chapter 9
There were six Manectrics in the room. Jesse hit two on the head and threw them out the door as he came in. Jak did the same only with the other four Manectrics.
"Michael, we've found the Lapras but our cover was blown, we're holding off in the room with the Lapras," said Jesse.
How many floors did you go down?
"Ten, I think."
Are you close enough to the Lapras to touch them?
Ok, I will try and Teleport all of you back to the surface, but I can't guarantee there won't be a fight up here.
"Understood. By the way the boss is a Rhydon."
Jak and Jesse had the Lapras come to them so they could be teleported. The teleportation worked. Soon, they were back at the top of the volcano. Not too much later, it seemed every pokemon that was in that volcano was attacking them. Jesse had lost count of all of them, but he knew all too well they were outnumbered. Suddenly, a group of Aerodactyls swooped down and dropped volleys of rocks on the foes.
"Our friends have come to help," said one of the Lapras.
"We'll need it," said Michael.

Chapter 10
Baxter remained silent and obedient for several days. He figured there was no hope of getting away from these Pinsirs. He had no friends in that place, no one that would back him up in a rebellion. Yet, for a reason unknown to him, he felt Jesse and Michael were not dead. He used this to help keep him going, though he wondered if he was doing it in vain. He didn't speak to anyone, he felt it best to keep to himself, and he ignored what was going on around him, no matter what he feels must be done to rescue all the Scyther in this mine. Then, a Murkrow came into the cave and spoke to the Pinsir leader, and Baxter listened in.
"Sire, I bring grave news, from our business ally, the Rhydon on Eruption Island. His base is under attack. I watched from above the clouds, a Charizard, Alakazam, and Typhlosion discovered his base and are now trying to free the Lapras. If those Lapras get away, we won't be able to supply anybody."
"Let no one else here of this," said the Pinsir, "Especially not that Scyther that was rebellious when he got here. I have a bad feeling that the ones that discovered his base are that one's friends."
But Baxter had heard. He felt new hope rising into him, but he knew it would be best to wait this one out.
It's like being stealthy, he thought, it’d be better to wait until the perfect time to strike.

Chapter 11
The battle on the volcano seemed to run endlessly. Aerodactyls swarmed in along with several Pokemon from town. One after another, a pokemon on each side was defeated, and yet both sides seemed to have a numerous amount of Pokemon on their side. Finally, Jesse had an idea.
"Michael, get our allies out of here," he said.
"What? Are those scars going to your head?" Michael replied.
"I going to use my hyper charged Blast Burn."
"I see, but don't you remember what happened last time you tried that?"
"And your still going to take that risk?"
"Yes. Keep Blissey ready down there."
"Very well. I hope you know what your doing."
Michael managed to teleport himself and all the others away from the volcano. All Jesse's enemies swarmed toward him, and then they stopped. The Rhydon came out, an obvious sign of a challenge.
"You were stupid to send your allies away," said the Rhydon.
"We'll see about that," replied Jesse.
Then, they both ran to each other, fists flying, trying to defeat each other. Rhydon managed a good strike to Jesse's chest, but Jesse countered with a blow to Rhydon's head. Rhydon jabbed with his horn, and Jesse swung his tail. Rhydon tried an Earthquake attack. Jesse used Fly. After fifteen minutes, both were worn out and neither defeated. Jesse began to charge his Focus Punch. Rhydon readied his Horn Drill. They ran to each other, Jesse let his punch fly and Rhydon stabbed with his horn, and they both flew by each other. Jesse looked down. The Horn Drill attack had missed him. Rhydon looked down. There was hole in his earthen armor. Rhydon fell, defeated. Jesse then let his Blast Burn free.
Michael and the others watched from the beach as the volcano exploded. Michael knew Jesse had used his Blast Burn then, and hoped this time he wasn't on the brink of death.

Chapter 12
Baxter had continued to remain silent, but he was filled with hope. Earlier the Murkrow had come back and reported that a Charizard defeated the Rhydon and that his base was destroyed by a huge explosion. He now knew it was Jesse and Michael that had attacked the Rhydon. Who else could have caused the explosion but Jesse and his Blast Burn? He then felt worry.
What if Jesse doesn't survive this time? Michael had told me that he nearly died last time he used Blast Burn. He decided to wait until he was sure Jesse had survived, then as Michael, Jesse, and whoever the Typhlosion was started back toward the mainland, he would work at starting a revolt with the Scythers. In the meantime, he continued to work, silent but with much to say.

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Chapter 13
Michael had search parties sent out to try and find Jesse, fearing he may not have made it this time.
Several hours had passed and still no sign of him, which worried Michael. Then a Doduo came rushing into town, nearly out of breath.
"We've found him. He's still alive, but just barely," said the Doduo.
"Everyone follow me. Let's make sure he gets back safely," said Michael.
When they got him back to town, Blissey kept him in the hospital for several days while he recovered. Once Blissey released him, however, he and Michael began planning their way back to the mainland, as well as how they were going to rescue Baxter.
"Well we know he's in Buried Relic somewhere," said Jesse. Michael nodded.
"I've been thinking about it," said Jak, "I think we should start back tomorrow, find a way past the Regi's, and, with the combined fire power of Jesse and I, take out all the Pinsirs."
"Sounds like a plan to me," said Jesse.
"Then it's settled. We head out tomorrow on the backs of the Lapras," said Michael.
"I'll send you guys with some healing supplies," added Blissey. Jak, Jesse, and Michael nodded.

Chapter 14
As Baxter was working in the mines that morning, he overheard the boss Pinsir talking to one of his spies. The spy remained hidden.
"The Charizard and the Alakazam are already on their way back, it won't be long before they get here," said a Murkrow.
"Ugh, I'm beginning to think that the one Scyther is more trouble then he's worth. No matter, they will be dealt with," said the Pinsir boss.
Baxter knew the time to act was close, and as he continued his work, he formulated a plan to revolt.
I've already got several other Scythers backing me up, all I have to do is give the order, he thought, If I'm figuring these numbers right, the Scythers alone will be outnumbered three to one, but if I plan it right... A slight smirk started to crease his face.

Chapter 15
The Lapras drop Jesse, Michael, and Jak off on the shore just outside of the Buried Relic. They bid the Lapras farewell, and then grouped together to formulate their plan of action.
"Michael, do you sense Baxter," asked Jesse.
"I cannot even make psychic contact with him, whoever is in there has the place psychic proof, it would be dangerous for me to go in there right now, as my psychic powers would be useless," said Michael.
"Then all that's telling us is our enemies are smart, they don't want anyone sensing what they are doing in there," replied Jak. Michael nodded.
"It also tells us that you and I have to go in alone Jak," said Jesse.
"Not really," Michael said immediately. Puzzled, Jak and Jesse look at Michael.
"The only way to make a place psychic proof is to set up a boundary with special stones. Move these stones from their place, and the area is no longer protected from Psychic-types."
"What do these stones look like, and even more what are they called?" asked Jak.
"No one knows what the item looks like nowadays, they were deemed illegal to use by the Rescue Team Foundation years ago. The RTF found that although they can help in most cases, it was too risky for the teams to use, as it would require going to an area beforehand, which when many Pokemon did, they ended up getting defeated by their foes." replied Michael.
"Do you know anything that might help us identify them?" asked Jesse.
"It is said that the stones glow an eerie purple, but they say no other descriptions of them."
The area grew quiet for a minute. Each of them was trying to think of a plan that would help out. However, none of them could.
That night, while Michael was deep in sleep, Baxter visited him in his dream.
"...Michael.... Michael is that you?” said Baxter.
"How are you making contact with me Baxter?" asked Michael, dumbstruck by the circumstance.
"...You once tried to teach me how to use my own psychic ability, I have found a way of doing so."
"But how? The Buried Relic is psychic-proof."
"...While digging today, I found a strange glowing purple stone and moved it. Then I began to sense you were here."
"And you waited till now to contact me, and why were you digging?" Michael was beginning to sense the dream was fading away.
"...The Pinsir...Scyther slaves...forced to work...flesh eating pets...Michael...what's...happening..."
The dream had faded.

Chapter 16
Baxter awoke the next morning, wondering if Michael had gotten his message. While he was digging today, he was whispering to his fellow Scythers that his friends were here. He knew the time to act was near, possibly today. He decided to wait until he was sure his friends were coming into the relic. Until then, he kept doing what he was ordered, and listening in to the lead Pinsir's conversations.
"You saw them camp in the nearby forest, why didn't you tell me this last night."
"You were sleeping, sir, and we were afraid to wake you over something minor."
"This is no minor thing, you pinheaded buffoons, those pokemon are coming to get that Scyther."
Baxter could tell that the lead Pinsir was starting to get worried.
"We could set him loose, if he goes to them, they might not come into the relic."
"Idiots, that Scyther knows too much to be set free, if word gets out, rescue teams will come to destroy us."
"We could kill him off, then they wouldn't be saving anyone."
"Do you really think that will stop them? NO! They will begin to fight for revenge then."
"Then what are we suppose to do, my liege?"
There was a moment of silence.
"Gather the troops. We will have to be ready for them.
Baxter smirked. You'll be ready for my friends, but not for the Scythers attacking your rear.

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(another exception, as this contains the longest chapter)

Chapter 17
Jesse woke up just before sunrise the next morning. He saw Michael, a bow by his side, using his psychic abilities to fashion some arrows.
"Did you make the bow, too," whispered Jesse.
"Yes, I have a feeling I'll need it, I can imbue my psychic powers into my arrows," replied Michael.
"How do you imbue your powers into something?" asked Jesse.
"You will know when you can imbue your powers into something, but until then you have to wait."
"Still, I may need to know for today's battle."
"Each pokemon is unique, as is how they imbue their abilities, but you will not know how to imbue till your body is ready to transfer your energy into what you want to imbue it in."
Jesse nodded. He knew Michael; to speak of this now means he will need it later on.
A few hours had past, the sun was up in the crystal blue sky. Michael readied his bow, along with his fifty arrows had had made using his psychic abilities as a knife. He had tested each arrow, making sure that each could be imbued with his power, and that they were accurate.
Jesse, Jak, and Michael made their way toward the Buried Relic. When they were nearly at the entrance, they were greeted with an army of Pinsirs. Jesse instantly spotted the leader.
"We have come to free our friend, step aside or we will force our way in," said Jesse.
As Jesse and the lead Pinsir talked, Michael counted their foes.
Thirty Pinsirs, ten Houndooms, and a small force of Electabuzz, but I sense something still inside the cavern, something I haven't sensed in a long time, guarding the Scythers with the Regi's. Could it be? Michael's thought was cut short as one phrase caught his attention.
"Try to get in this cavern and your friend will die along with all the other Scythers."
"I won't let that happen," snarled Jesse.
"Enough of this foolishness, summon the Regi's, captain, let them switch places with us."
A Pinsir ran into the cave, and came back out, with the Regi's close behind.
Then, the lead Pinsir and his army retreated back into the cavern.
"These guys again," groaned Michael.
Regice shot off its Ice Beam attack, missing all three of the Pokemon.
"Regice is mine," said Jesse.
Regice shot of another Ice Beam, this timing hitting Jesse's right hand, freezing it up to the elbow.
Then, something unexpected happened. The ice on Jesse's hand shattered, leaving his hand emanating with fire. Quickly reacting, Jesse swung his hand, sending the fire straight into Regice.
Jesse, your body is ready, Michael said in Jesse's head, you could imbue your attacks with fire now. You just have to find the trigger for it. Jesse nodded.
Then he charged at Regice, fire emanating from both his hands. When he was close enough, he swung his punches at Regice, each hitting with a fiery blow. Jesse then swung his tail along the ground, causing Regice to become prone. Afterward, Jesse flew high into the sky, and then came down in a blur, hitting Regice with a seismic attack that left the ground nearby crumbled in pieces. Just as Jesse was about to deal his finishing blow, Regirock, with a might swing of its arm, hit Jesse hard into the entrance wall to the cavern. Michael then shot one of his imbued arrows, emanating a purple aura of energy, at Regirock's knee, crippling its movement. Then Jesse charged into Regirock, pushing it into the opposite wall of then entrance, which made Regirock's body fall to pieces. Registeel was coming up behind Jesse, but Jak hit it with a high-powered Fire Blast attack, pushing it face down into the dirt of the entrance. Jesse then got up, picked Regice by a leg, and forcefully tossed into far into the ocean.
"Let's see how you like swimming," he said as he was throwing Regice.
"REGICE..." said Registeel, but it didn't have a chance at finishing its sentence, as Jesse punched hard between Registeel's eyes, hard enough in fact, that he could feel the ground on the other side of Registeel's head. Michael and Jak came up beside Jesse.
"I found my trigger Michael, it's anger. I was almost in a frenzied rage right there," said Jesse.
"Then you will have to learn how to control that rage, focus that energy, and be able to attack with all your fiery might," replied Michael. Jesse nodded. They entered the cavern.
Then, Jesse heard sounds behind him. He turned to look, and saw the Regirock was putting itself back together.
"You guys go, I'll handle Regirock," said Jak. Jesse and Michael nodded. They continued into the cavern, the echoes of the battle behind them reaching their ears.
Once they had gotten a hundred feet into the cavern, the found what looked like an entrance to a room.
They hid on the left-side wall of the entrance.
"How many do you sense, Michael?" asked Jesse in a quiet voice.
"The same thirty Pinsirs and ten Houndoom that met us at the entrance, but this other being I sense... It's an old rival of ours," replies Michael in the same quiet tone.
"You don't mean..."
"Yes, somehow these Pinsirs convinced Groudon to their side. His ability is suppressed however. It's odd."
"Wait. Do you remember what you said the last time we came here?"
"This area has a small but plentiful Iron resource spot."
"You think the Pinsirs are suppressing Groudon's ability with some iron armor they made him?"
"That or convinced him not to use his ability and to join their side for it."
"Yes, this makes sense now, the Pinsirs used the Scythers as slaves to get the iron they needed for the armor."
"Then we must end their production now." Michael nodded in agreement.
They both walked though the entrance together. Then they seen Groudon, his body plated with iron armor.
"You guys again, I'd recognize that determination anywhere," said Groudon.
"It's been awhile Groudon, I see you've updated your equipment since last time," replied Jesse.
"It's going to be fun to get my revenge on you, and with this armor the Pinsirs made, you can't hurt me," said Groudon.
"We'll see about that," said Jesse.
Then, Jesse charged at Groudon, his hands imbued with fire once more.
"Wait, Jesse..." Michael started to say.
But it was too late, Groudon swung a mighty arm of his, and Jesse was mysteriously tossed back into the wall by a strange wind.
"What the... How'd you do that?" asked Jesse.
"Look," Michael pointed at the green gem that was emanating an aura.
"It's a power gem, once one of those is forged into something, the user of the item can control a certain element of nature, the green gem gives him gives him control of the winds," continued Michael.
But I have an idea of how to disable his new power, I just need you to distract him, said Michael in Jesse's head.
Jesse then began his distraction, throwing balls of fire at Groudon as he raced around the room.
While Groudon was distracted, Michael was using his telekinesis to lift the helmet that contained the gem off Groudon's head. Once it was off, Michael flung it into a wall to destroy it. Jesse now knew he could charge Groudon without getting blown away, and he did. Once again, his arms imbued with fire, he charged Groudon. Groudon swung his mighty arms, but nothing happened. Finally, Jesse was close enough to begin his assault. Groudon was taking fiery hits everywhere, several of which went though the iron armor. After awhile, Groudon fell to the ground, defeated and unmoving. Then, Jesse turned his attention to the Pinsirs, but before the Pinsirs could flee, the Scythers surrounded them. One by one, the Scythers picked a Pinsir, took them away from the pack, and, using their scythes like scissors, cut off the heads of their former slave masters. Baxter instead walked up beside Jesse.
"You don't want them to do this, I can tell," said Baxter.
"Yes, but there is nothing I can do, these Scythers want their revenge one way or another," replied Jesse.
"Are you wanting to call off your adventure?" asked Baxter.
"No, this isn't the worst I've ever seen, but try to be more careful next time, Baxter, especially when its your watch," said Jesse.
"Agreed," said Michael as he came up beside them.
"Should we leave them to their execution?" asked Jesse.
"Yes, we've done what we can here," said Michael.
When they got back to the entrance of the cavern, Jak met them.
"Regirock fled, and I couldn't keep up with him, he's fast for a rock," said Jak.
"I have a feeling we'll see him again sooner or later," said Michael.
After introducing Baxter to Jak, they continued on their way toward the western coast of the continent.

Chapter 18
While asleep, Cory's dream suddenly turns hazy.
"What's going on?" he asks. Then, he begins to see a figure appear above him. It was getting clearer as time went by. When it finally becomes clear enough to see every detail on the figure, he recognizes it.
"Gardevoir!" said Cory. The figure simply nods.
"But how? Jesse and I broke the curse long ago and..." He suddenly begins to lose his voice. He notices a tear fall from the figure's eye.
"What's...wrong...?" he manages to gasp out.
"I'm sorry, Cory. I'm afraid all I can tell you is what the spirits wish me to tell you, they are prohibiting everything else." said Gardevoir.
"Tell...me...what?" asked Cory, his voice nearly gone.
"I must tell you where you are bound,
Destroyed is an old hometown,
Upon seeing a berserker will rage,
But calm him you must, for you will need the sage,
If not, his days will end,
And a ten-fold unspeakable shall begin again."
Cory abruptly awoke from his slumber, still in his room. He looked out the window and saw that the sun was starting to rise. He walked over to the window, gazing admirably at the sunrise.
Then, he recalled his dream, and rushed outside toward the dock. Once there, he called to a Machoke.
"Good morning, Hilandro."
"G'morn to ye, Cory. For what am I honored with this visit?" said the Machoke. Cory related to him the dream from the previous night.
"I need to know what the fastest ship you got docked is, and how long it will take to get to the main land."
Hilandro pointed to a ship that was just mooring, "That 'un be the fastest, but even still it would be two days to get to the main land."
"When does Kyogre usually come by?"
"Usually about this time, ye better hurry and catch her before she leaves though."
Cory ran over to the port where they put the daily supplies that Kyogre takes down to an underwater village. He caught up with her just in time.
"Kyogre, can you spare a moment?" asked Cory. Kyogre looked up at Cory from the water she was floating in.
"Aye, I believe I can, but I don't know if you can say all of what you need to in that small time."
Cory told her of his dream.
"I see. You want me to rush you over to the main land to help your friends," said Kyogre when Cory finished.
"Yes, marm. How fast could you do it?" he replied.
"Well, let me take these supplies down first, I'll be real quick about it today. When I get back, I'll get you over there in a matter of hours."
"Thank you, Kyogre." he said as she began he decent with the supplies. Around five minutes later, she was back on the surface.
"Alright, let's get you over there shall we?"

* * *
Regirock ascended the temple steps, relieved that he managed to get away from that Typhlosion. When he got to the upper most room, he entered it.
"Have you done as we planned?" asked a deep commanding voice.
Regirock reached over and pushed an invisible button on his right arm. A slight shimmer surrounded him, and when it vanished, he was no longer a Regirock, but an Abra.
"I must say that is a wonderful piece of tech," said the Abra, "Not only was I disguised as a Regirock but I had the abilities of one as well. Pray tell me, where'd you get it?"
"It's one of the many devices my kind has developed, and we intend to use it to the fullest," replied the voice. The Abra became visibly nervous.
"You said earlier you want to kill Pokemon. What do you want me for?"
"Your use is spent."
"What do you mean?"
The voice did not have to answer. An alien, clad in high-tech armor revealed itself from a shadow. Thrusting both his arms down, the alien's wrist pieces produced blades of energy. Before the Abra could even use his Teleport, the alien had stabbed both blades into the chest of the Abra. Managing to use his arms, the Abra crawled for the door, but as soon as he got to it, the alien had a foot on his back, preventing movement.
"Forgive me, fellow pokemon, I have betrayed you," said the Abra.
A second later, both energy blades went through the Abra's head.

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Chapter 19
Jesse relit the fire for the third time that night. He was having trouble sleeping. He could tell Michael knew something, a foretelling perhaps, but when Jesse asked about it, Michael simply replied, “It’s nothing to worry about at the moment.” What prevented Jesse’s sleep was that all the previous times he has ever seen Michael like this, it was never nothing. But for now, all Jesse could do was puzzle over it.
“Something puzzling you, Charizard?” asked a voice from the shadows. Jesse was surprised by the voice, but around the area where they had camped someone called you by your Pokemon name when they didn’t know what else to call you, as not to be offensive, so he wasn’t alarmed.
“That voice,” replied Jesse, “a Scyther accent I think I hear, perhaps one from the Buried Relic that followed us here.”
“I must say, you figured that out faster then I thought you would have.” The Scyther walked into the firelight. Baxter was just shaking the sleep from his eyes when he saw who the Scyther was.
“Rick!” Baxter shouted. Rick simply nodded, then looked back into the woods and shouted, “It’s okay, they’re friends.”
Fifteen other Scythers walked into the camp.
“We are the few Scythers that chose not to execute the Pinsirs along with the others, we decided to follow you and your friends, Baxter, and help out in whatever you may need,” Rick explained to Baxter’s puzzled look.
“Thank you, friend, but I have a feeling our journey is near its end,” said Baxter.
“The end that’s close at hand is not always the end of the story,” Michael said, “Let’s get some sleep, we will be back in Pokemon Square tomorrow.”
As the others were sleeping, Jesse continued puzzling over things. ‘The end that’s close at hand’, he thought, what did he mean by that. Could it be a hint of something? Perhaps something he has foreseen, or something…foreboding. What end is he even talking about, us getting back to Pokemon Square? This reminds me of an old saying he used to tell me. ‘It’s not always what you see and know that saves you. More often then not, you have to find that sometimes the biggest burden is unknown. At least until you find it, which for most burdens takes enough time that, eventually, they are forgotten before they are even found.’
If you have answered that much, Jesse heard Michael telling him telekinetically, Then the answer you seek is close at hand. Until then, you need rest. Sleep now, my friend, or I might have to use my Hypnosis move on you. Jesse simply smirked, then laid his head down to sleep.
The next morning, they broke camp and continued their journey. They ate breakfast while on the move, but no one seemed to mind. After twenty minutes of walking, Baxter asked, “How long before you think we will be back?”
“We are already there, its just a few minutes ahead of us,” replied Michael. Jesse saw the eager expression on Baxter’s face and said, “Go on, if you want. Let them know we are coming, too.” Baxter nodded, then sped off ahead of them.

Chapter 20
Kyogre let Cory off her back at the shores of the mainland. She then opened her mouth to let him get his luggage. When he had gotten all of it, she said, “Just be happy I can close my mouth hard enough for it to be water tight. Your luggage would be soaked with salt water otherwise.”
“And I thank you for that Kyogre,” replied Cory, “I do believe this will be farewell though. When I get the chance, I’ll see if I can bring my friends over to our town.” Kyogre nodded, and then said, “Farewell, Cory.” Then, she sped off back to the Three Fields.
When Kyogre had long gone, Cory dropped his luggage and left it there. “Don’t even know why I brought this stuff. More then likely it will be like old times, which means I won’t need it,” Cory said to himself. He then started off toward Pokemon Square.

Chapter 21
When Jesse and the others caught up to Baxter, they stopped. The sight that greeted them of their hometown shocked them. It had been destroyed. Jesse began to look around at the damage, looking for any survivors.
“Michael,” Jesse suddenly said.
“How soon can you get a hold of the Lapras’ and tell them to bring Blissey over here? We’re going to need her.”
“I can tell them right now,” replied Michael. The others followed Michael as they made their way to where Jesse stood. The sight that greeted them horrified them. All the towns’ pokemon where gathered in one spot, trapped below the roof of the Makuhita Dojo.
“Michael, see if you can lift the roof with your telekinesis,” said Jesse when he saw them. Michael simply nodded. He then concentrated on the roof, lifting it as high as he could with his psychic abilities. Jesse signaled for the others to help him get the pokemon out of under it. When they got all the pokemon where safely away from the building, Jesse signaled Michael to put the roof down. He then knelt beside the banker, Persian, and asked, “Who did this?”
“I do not know for sure,” Persian replied as calmly as she could, “But I do know our town was attacked by an alien race of some kind.”
“They were Protinians,” said Wishcash, the village elder, from behind Jesse, “I remember reading about them once when I was young. They seek other worlds to live on, but they do not like competition. They will destroy all the current habitants before they begin to settle.”
“Can they be stopped?” asked Jesse.
“Yes, but the last time they tried habiting this planet was thousands of years ago, and how they stopped them then is lost to us now.”
“Not entirely,” said a voice from behind Baxter. Baxter moved to reveal the speaker, and it turned out to be Xatu, a pokemon who stares at the sun all day to gain sight into the far future and the far past. This only happens for him because the sun doesn’t affect his eyes.
“Do you know where it is found Xatu,” said Jesse.
“Yes, but I’m unable to determine the exact location. It is strange though, the last thing I see while looking for it. It is an Abra.”
Jesse turned toward Wishcash and asked, “Could it be the Abra King’s temple?”
One of the Kecleon brothers, the shopkeepers, said, “I thought the Temple of the Abra King was a myth.”
“It was for a time,” said Wishcash, “Do you know where it’s found Jesse?”
Jesse nodded, “It’s a few miles away from the Buried Relic.”
“Well don’t think your going without me,” said a voice from the surrounding woods. Cory then walked into sight.
“Cory!!” yelled Jesse, “Long time, no see. I see you’ve evolved into a Raichu now.”
Cory ran over to Jesse. “And I see you’ve grown to a Charizard already.” He looked around. “What happened here?”
Wishcash explained about the Protinians to Cory. “I see,” said Cory afterward, “So we have to go to the Temple of the Abra King then.” Jesse nodded. Cory continued, “So like old times then, Jesse?”
Jesse simply nodded, “Yep, just like old times. Come on, we better get started.”
“Before you go,” Xatu said, “there is one thing you should know. The reason there is no record of how they saviors of old defeated the Protinians. The mechanism that did it killed them, sapped their energy to power itself. You may not make it back alive.”
Cory gulped. “Yup, exactly like old times,” Cory said, fear clearly present in his voice. Jesse, Michael, and Baxter laughed.
“Good to have you back Cory,” said Jesse.
“Jesse, do you still have the Teleport Gem?” asked Michael. Jesse nodded. Michael replied, “Use it to get us to the Abra King’s Temple.”
Jesse pulled out the Teleport Gem. As he did, Cory, Baxter, Jak, Michael, Rick and the Scythers grouped around him. In a flash of light, the group was gone.

Chapter 22
A flash of light appeared at the temple and the group reappeared just as they were grouped at Pokemon Square. Baxter, Rick, and the Scythers look up and around at the temple in awe. Jesse, Cory, and Michael acted if they had seen it before.
“Come on, guys, we need to get inside,” said Jesse. Rick and Baxter looked at him, and then nodded. The other Scythers followed them as the climbed the stairs to the top.
At the top, they saw an Abra, whose corpse looked extremely robust. Jesse and Michael looked at each other. “This corpse is fresh, two maybe three days,” said Jesse. Michael nodded. Jesse continued, “The Protinians must already be here.” All became alert.
Jesse motioned for them to enter the room. Jak and Cory were the first ones in. Baxter, Rick, and the Scythers were next, followed by Jesse and Michael. Once inside, Jesse noticed Michael was concentrating on something.
“The mechanism is in the far back, in an isolated room,” said Michael, “We must hurry to activate it before it is too late.”
Several energy blades suddenly appeared in the darkness of the room. The light from the blades lit up the area around them, revealing the terrain and the aliens who wielded the blades.
“Run!! Hurry, get to the back room,” Rick shouted, “The other Scythers and I will hold them off.” And then Rick and his fellow fifteen Scythers then rushed into battle with the Protinians. Jesse, Michael, Cory, Baxter, and Jak rushed to the back room, sounds of energy searing flesh coming from behind them. When they got into the room, they were surprised to find it already lit. Then they found out why it was lit. What appeared to be a Protinian mage sat examining the mechanism.
Footsteps came from behind them. Then they heard the sound of energy blades come from behind them as well. Michael teleported his group to the back of the mechanisms room. Then the Protinian soldiers that were behind them flooded into the room. Jesse looked around for something, the others readying themselves for battle.
“Stay by me,” Jesse whispered to his friends, “I have a plan.” Jesse rushed toward what appeared to be a switch on the mechanism and flipped the switch. The mechanism turned on, Jesse, Michael, Baxter, Cory, and Jak feeling their energy being sapped. Jesse then brought out the Teleport Gem and, in a flash of light they disappeared.

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Chapter 23
An explosion blew up the temple that day, searchers said the mechanism was overloaded with energy, but with the explosion the entire Protinian race was destroyed. Jesse and Team FlameSquad had saved the world once again, but they were nowhere to be found. Some say the Teleport Gem worked and they made it out to live to this day in an unknown land. Others say the Teleport Gem didn’t work in time and that Team FlameSquad perished in the temple. No one knows for sure, but after that day, courage built up in the other rescue teams, courage to go out and do what Team FlameSquad did before. Every now and then, however, a rescue team takes a mission only to find the client has already been saved. When asked why, the clients simply reply, “A Charizard, an Alakazam, a Raichu, a Typhlosion, and a Scyther helped me through it.”

The End

I look forward to the discussions about the story Razz
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The Adventures of Team FlameSquad
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