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 Does anyone have a 3DS?

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PostSubject: Does anyone have a 3DS?   Sat Jun 04, 2011 12:34 pm

If you do add me!! My fc is 5327-0911-0810.

Also if you do I'm not sure if you've heard but on the June 6th there is going to a new update release giving us the eshop and internet browser.

There will be two free games available on the eshop that day: Excitebikes 3D, and the more exciting is Pokedex 3D. The latter is more of an app than it is a game but I've seen pictures of it and its going to very detailed. I will list moves it can learn as well as stats and more.

If you have a 3DS be very excited because I think this might mean a new Pokemon game for the 3DS since all the sprites are obviously now fully rendered in 3D. Maybe they'll reveal something at E3?

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Does anyone have a 3DS?
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